Par 5 Process

There is no better way to look forward and take control than with our Par 5 Process. Find out if you have problems like “phantom income taxation” or a wide variety of other tax issues. Are you preparing to sell real estate? Do you need to increase your annual income or lower your risk level? Have you lost a spouse and now have all the financial decisions to make? Are you retiring, or rolling over a large sum of money? Are you selling a business? A candid discussion of what you want your money to do for you is the most important first step.

A benefit of our Par 5 Process is that you can apply it to any financial decision or concern you have. It helps to stop your money from “falling through the cracks,” and it helps assure you that any major financial decision you make is the right one for you. In other words, learn what questions to ask before making any financial decision, and identify ways to assure your decisions are in your best interest.

Our Par 5 Process can also help determine what your next steps should be or what other areas might need reviews, such as your estate plan, long-term healthcare issues, charitable planning and more. We can refer you to qualified legal and tax advisors for these services.

Pinehurst Capital’s core services are built around five primary pillars to best serve your retirement needs:

  • Written Retirement Income Plan
  • Income-Generating Investment Portfolios
  • Tax-Forward Plan
  • Asset-Based Long-Term Care
  • Estate and Legacy Plan

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Please do not put off future planning!

It is important to feel you have control over your future. At Pinehurst Capital, we offer our experience and knowledge to design a specific plan of action that helps you work toward your financial independence.

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