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J. Duffy Palmer



Estate Planning Attorney at Law Office of J. Duffy Palmer, PLLC


Duffy Palmer is the founder and owner of the Law Office of J. Duffy Palmer, PLLC, a North Carolina law firm. His primary focus is estate planning and his mission is to strengthen families. 

Duffy has helped hundreds of people through a wide range of legal counsel and document drafting that include creating customized trusts to avoid probate, protect assets, and avoid unnecessary taxes, putting in place proper and up-to-date Last Will and Testaments, preparing directions in the event of  sickness or incapacity, special needs planning, and addressing guardianship and competency issues. 

Because our world can be complicated, Duffy works closely with other professionals to educate and support individual goals and dreams. Duffy has met many people who know they need to have an estate plan, but they just do not know the available options to make good, informed decisions. He educates and puts together estate plans to bless people and their families. He teaches estate planning strategies in relatable, everyday terms and advises with deep passion to address every question, concern, and worry. 

Duffy holds a degree in Sociology with minors in Spanish and Criminal Justice from Brigham Young University Idaho. He proudly earned his law degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law as a student in the evening program while working full time. He is licensed to practice law in North Carolina.

Duffy grew up in Henderson, North Carolina. He enjoys sports, particularly football, basketball, and baseball, which he played for his High School. He is married to a wonderful and beautiful wife, Kathryn. They have three active children. Duffy spends his free time with his family, coaching his children’s sports teams, and serving his community and church.  


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