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Howard Schubert

Howard Schubert

MBA, RTRP, Notary and Accountant

Howard has owned his own tax preparation business since 2006. He is an IRS Registered Tax Return Planner and Preparer.

Howard earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from George Mason University and an MBA from Virginia Tech. His concentrations included operations research, accounting and finance. His work experience includes 30 years at IBM and three years at H&R Block.

Howard was born in California, raised in New Jersey and now resides in Southern Pines, North Carolina. An Air Force veteran, he started a career with IBM as a field service engineer in New Jersey. As his career progressed in engineering and management, he continued to move further south to pursue his quest for a warmer climate. His last IBM assignment in Research Triangle Park as a semiconductor test engineer provided an introduction to the golfing mecca of Pinehurst, where he moved after his retirement in 1999. Free to pursue his love of golf, he met and married his wife Meridith and subsequently moved from Pinehurst to Southern Pines.



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